A letter to newspapers: a plea from a Christian, please stop Trump

I started this year on a mission to make sure that President Trump would not become president. I started with writing letters to the editor and making videos for tv stations of primary states starting with Iowa.nThe video below is one that I made for the state of Viirginia

Trump has done and said so many awful things yet he is still so close to becoming the most powerful man in the world. The reason is because of Christians who out of their hate and fear of Hillary Clinton are voting for a person that is everything Christ was against.

i am making another campaign writing letters to the editors of every newspaper that I can find on Wikipedia pleading with my brothers and sisters not to vote for this antochrist. I have written about a dozen newspapers in Alabama. Here is an example of what I wrote to the newspaper itself as well as the real article.

Hello My name is Max Blaska. I am a born again Christian whose heart is breaking due to this election. I am sending this letter to as many newspapers as I can. I know that if you print this letter you will get a lot of flack. You are in the heart of Republican country. I myself consider myself a moderate Republican. But this is not about party. This is not about politics. It is about faith and how this election is making Christianity look bad and turning people away from the faith.

Dear fellow Christian reader

I am just a simple sinner saved by Grace but in this election I need to speak out. This is a terrible election for people of the faith. It seems who ever we vote for we are damned. Because we have a corrupt candidate who only cares about her own political career and is bought by planned parenthood we are supposed to support a man who symbolizes everything that our Savior spoke against. Read 2 Timothy 3 and you will see that what I say is true.

He lies, he slanders, all of his life he has served money. We can not sell our soul to save our skin. A secular world is watching and when Christians support a man like Trump it reflects badly upon our Lord. The one we love and serve

This year we can speak out against this culture of hate,fear, and lies and speak for God’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of Love, faith, and truth. You have to speak out against Trump.

You could help start a third great awakening. Through tour country out of the darkness comes the light of revival.

i am not asking you to vote for Clinton. I am asking you to stand up and speak against Trump and what he stands for. I know that this goes against all out human instincts. But we have to make this stand. And whenever we do speak out against Trump, we have to do under the banner of Christ.

This may be the hardest thing you have ever had to do. Friends might curse you. Employers might fire you. You may even be hated by your own family members but it is a glorious thing to be hated for the His cause of righteuosness.

But from the shining light of your rebuke of Trump and everything he stands for. And a call for righteousness . The light of Christ will shine upon this nation. Many who hate Christianity will see His light in you and come rushing to Christ.

Please for the love of God and country we have to stand up. If we don’t stand up for Christian values and vote for the complete opposite of Christ, maybe we should just call it a day and give up and let secularism win.
God Bless you

Max S Blaska

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