A Cabinet of Bad Fruit:Steve Mnuchin

I don’t understand high finance. I don’t understand Wall Street. All I know is that Wall Street has undue influence and with Trump’s secretary of treasury pick, we have another high muckidymuck from Goldman Sachs.

I understand that type of thing happens a lot. Bill Clinton put a Goldman Sachs boardmember Robert Rubin as his treasury secretary and he helped shape the economic policies that brought about the great resession. George W Bush picked Henry Paulson another Goldman Sachs CEO. With his policies the Great Recession manifested.

One of the major attacks against Hillary Clinton was because she was too close to Wall Street. Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump attacked her on that.

That is what makes Mnuchin such a bad pick. It shows that Trump had no intention of cleaning up the swamp and that he would double down on right wing reaganomics and a pro-Wall street government that would fight against protections of the common worker, the very worker who helped get him elected.

In researching this article I came upon a phrase that I never heard before “widow forclosures” I don’t fully understand it very well so I will include the article I got my info from


I watch a lot of ME TV and H&I tv so I see many commercials for Reverse Mortages. They usually are hosted by the Fonz Henry Winkler or Magnum Tom Sellek. They are a loan that helps the elderly keep their homes as long as they are healthy and that once they die or are too infirm to live there anymore the loan will be due and their heirs will pay it back or buy the house outright.

Again, I don’t fully understand this, but foreclosing on the elderly. Taking houses from people , from widows nonetheless and doing it for a profit is not something a Christian should support.

Predetory lending is usury at it’s worst. This man’s policies hurt the very people that supported Trump. There is the case of Teena Colebrooke. A Trump voter who this man ruined and that she regrets ever voting for Trump.


I was very critical of Franklin Graham this election. He did not stand up against Trump before the election but now that Hillary will not be the president, Graham must speak up now or he will prove that he is nothing but a political hack, a sliver of his father.

We as Christians are supposed to stand up for the widow Isaiah 1:17

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

This man should not be in charge of national finance and any man or woman calling them a child of God should say so. If they don’t they should just admit that they hate God.

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