Now This is How You Spread the Gospel: In the Capital’s Rotunda– Matthew 5-7, and Matthew 23

First off I need to tell you that I had no intention of doing this. I was taking the bus from my morning ritual, a Kickstarter and cookies at the Library. I got on the bus and I noticed that there were protesters in front of my State’s capital. I felt a nudge. I got off walked back to the library and checked out a Bible. I left mine at home.

I walked into the Capital and went to the 2nd level. The protesters were there protesting the electors picking a dangerous ego maniacal thin skinned bully to be the next president of the United States.

I started reading scripture and coloring it with how the scripture is applicable today. I used Isaiah 1 to adress the corruption and the bribes that is in our modern political system. I went for two hours with only one drink of water and one bathroom break.

I am not saying this to boast. I am telling you of this because of the power of the Holy Spirit. I can understand how John Edwards and Charles Finney felt. I felt like I had an authority that I never had before. I wish I asked someone to tape it. I used the Christmas tree as example of the hypocrisy of those who celebrate the birth of the one that defeated death and sin picking a man who is sin personified.

I suffer from almost crippling anxiety and depression. I agonize over every thing I do and say worries that I would do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing.

But yesterday between 10 and noon I was preaching. I did not stutter. I didn’t not worry about what to say God gave me the thing she to say. I pray that’s even if the Republicans hearts were not changed,  maybe an atheist or agnostic saw me and and thought “wow. He is right. Maybe what I think about Christianity may not be true.”

When I was done. I run into a young woman, probably in her early twenties. She has a very pretty face, nice short hair, and a great smile. She said that I was a very ellequint speaker. I never thought I was before. But the moment was over and I became tongue tied not knowing what to say Max.

I kicked myself for no the giving her my phone number or my blog adress. So if you are reading this, e-mail me 🙂

I have a feeling I am going to do this many more times. It seems like the only time I can clearly communicate is when I am doing God’s work.

This is a video of me live on scene. I apologize that half saying through you will have to move your IPads or IPhone to see it.


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