Pro-life groups: Do you really want to hurt Planned Parenthood?

I know that my liberal readers will disagree with me strongly. But I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. I am a Christian. I abhor abortion. I do believe that abortion does end a growing life. I believe that it is hypocrisy that when a couple loses a baby, it’s a tragedy but if it is aborted at the same time in the pregnancy it is only a fetus.

But I see the other side’s point. Planned Parenthood does a lot of good as well. Providing Pap smears , mammograms, and other things that are essential to women’s health. This is their greatest argument against us

So I have the perfect plan. Provide free or affordable health care for the populace that Planned Parenthood appeals to most. Expand Medicaid.  Make sure that every child born has access to food. Do not cut food assistance to poor families with children, expand it.

I understand the religious argument against having Christian businesses not being forced to provide birth control. I do believe that wide  access to birth control does help prevent unwanted pregnancies . But this is something that people can debate. If that piece of legislation has to be taken out in order to pass, I understand.

Doing this will not be cheap. We would need to roll back the Bush tax cuts. We might even have to raise taxes on the middle class, although I don’t believe that will be necessary.

Now many politicians will be against this. They will call it socialism. But even if it is. Isn’t that a small price to pay to save lives. We keep saying that we fight abortion to protect the unborn. But in order to honestly say that we are for protecting the unborn we have to do everything in our power. Just blocking federal funds from Planned Parenthood won’t cut it.

We need to call our opposition’s bluff. Now many of the politicians on our side will be against this. But this where the rubber meets the road. If these politicians will not do this. If they cling to their tax cuts for the uberwealthy they are enemies of this movement.  They may make the excuse of ” well they shouldn’t have had pre-martial sex in the first place.” Or “we shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s mistakes”. But if they do that they are basically saying “well we didn’t want them to get an abortion but if the child  gets sick or die after their birth, it’s their parents’ own damn fault”.

This is not being pro-life, it is being anti-abortion, there is a difference. If the politicians of your state make these excuses. They are not pro-life and they should stop calling themselves such.

And if groups like Texas Pro-Life Action Team agrees with that argument or if they are staying silent because they don’t want to lose their political patrons. Then they should change their name. For example to the Texas Anti Abortion Action Team.

Doing this is a perfect master stroke. If liberals will still fight gutting federal and state funds to Planned Parenthood even though they are getting extended Medicaid, no more food share cuts, etc. They then show they care more about Naral and Emily’s List than they do about protecting women’s health and lives.

But on the other hand if “pro-life” politicians do not agree in rolling back the tax cuts for the rich, expanded Medicaid, and stop of cuts in food assistance, they show that they care more about keeping their big money donors happy than protecting life and destroying Planned Parenthood.

It is time to decide, are you pro-life or just anti-abortion? I am pro-life. If you will not do what I say necessary to help prevent abortions. Then would you do be a favor. Would you please either change your names or just go away. If you are  not willing to, you are a danger to the pro-life movement.

Come on. Let’s blow some liberals minds. We can do this if we only have the will.


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