Jerry Falwell Jr. Trump’s False Prophet

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. I had. But now Christmas is over and as a Christian I go back looking toward the 2nd advent of Christ. I look forward to when He comes again.

Today I want to talk about a man who is very important to right wing “evangelical Christianity” and the city that he calls home.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Is of course the son of Jerry Falwell. The religious firebrand who started the Moral Majority with Pat Robertson in Lynchburg VA.  Jerry Falwell was not a very  nice man. He was the man who blamed 9/11 on homosexuals, abortionists, and evolutionists.

The thing that bothers me more about what he said is what he left out. He didn’t mention oppression of the poor. He didn’t mention our politician system that is based on he who gives the most money gets heard. If you read the Prophets one of the main reason for God’s wrath is the corruption of the government and their greed and abuse of the poor.

The Moral Majority is where the religious right was born. Without them, Ronald Reagan would probably not have been elected. With Ronald Reagan we got the start of an economic policy that rewards the greedy and hurts the working poor.

Now we have his son, Jerry Falwell Jr. He was one of the “men of God” that spoke out for Trump at the convention.

Trump is a man whose morality without a doubt wouldn’t stand up to Liberty University’s  honor code. He stood by his man even after the awful audio tape leaks where Trump was proudly admitting that he liked to sexually assault women and that he chased after a married woman when he himself was married.

For a child of the Moral Majority and a major player in protecting family values, not speaking up against him was hypocritical in the extreme. This man rails against loving committed same sex marriages while supporting a man who has cheated on and divorced two women. That hypocrisy is sickening.

He even squashed an article in the Liberty Champion, the school newspaper, an article that criticized Trump’s “locker room talk”.

Last week Junior from Lynchburg Virginia was at it again defending the indefensible. He was being interviewed by Fox’s Chris Wallace that Trump’s cabinet is a “dream team” comparing them to the 1992 Olympic basketball team. But Michael Jordan never foreclosed on widows for a profit and Magic Johnson never overlooked safety violations in a mine in West Virginia.

He  is “especially excited” about Scott Pruitt. A climate change denier and a man who wants to gut any regulation that protects the air we breath and the water we drink.

I for one love the planet that God gave us and Is sick of so called Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr. from Lynchburg Virginia who are ok with destroying this planet. They don’t care about the planet because they believe that Jesus will come back before any harm is done.

But they will be in for a rude awakening. Because when Jesus does come back and he sees what these people are doing it will be like the wicked servant of Matthew 24 who drank and beat the other servants. And then He will probably say “Jerry Falwell Jr from Lynchburg Virginia, go away from me I never knew you.”

You may have noticed that I mentioned Lynchburg Virginia multiple times. In pre-millennial end times theology there will be a corrupt church who will fornicate with the very wealthy and eventually will bring about the antichrist. She is called the Whore of Babylon. She sits on a city on seven Hills. And yes, Lynchburg Virginia sits on seven hills.



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