Letter to Reverend Franklin Graham #2: please rebuke Trump

This is the 2nd letter I am writing Rev. Franklin Graham. I e-mailed him this and got a standard form letter reply so I am posting it here

My name is Max Blaska. I was saved 8 years ago before that I was an agnostic who thought that Christianity was the cause not the cure of the world’s problems. I saw a wicked world and I saw a Church that was either silent or actually a participant in the wickedness.

But praise God that He found me in my cynicism and he showed me His mercy and His truth. The problem is that there are many more like me out there that are being blocked  as JESUS said in Matthew 23 13 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heavens in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. [14] [b]

I know you love God and you hate what has become of our nation. Our nation is a Godless nation but it is not the secularist that are the biggest threat. It is the cancer inside the church. But I believe you could help fight it and maybe start a third great awakening.

I hated what the Clinton’s stood for. But many Christians made a deal with the devil to defeat her. Look at Trump’a cabinet picks. You have a man who voted against health insurance for poor children

And voted against fighting infant mortality

I hate abortion. It ends human lives.  But this man is not pro-life. He is just anti-abortion and our enemy can tell the difference and that prevents people coming to our cause.

We have a treasury secretary who literally foreclosed on widows http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/trump-treasury-pick-bank-foreclosed-senior-owed-27-cents-article-1.2895095

You are in a position to get Trump to change his mind. And if he doesn’t change his picks Make sure the world knows that Christians are against this love of money.

Because if faith leaders like you don’t. The atheists will continue to use it against us. The secular media wants the world to think Christianity is a corrupt faith. And if we don’t speak up against sins like these. We prove them  right.

Please read Matthew 5-7, Galatians 5, and 2 Timothy 3. By greatest regret was not trying to talk to you when you came to my state.

I love and respect your father. In fact I made a series of YouTube videos on the 10 rules for being a Christian. You need to speak up against this. I know you are not some political hack. I know that you are not a false prophet. That is why you have to do this. But if you don’t. If you continue to say that God had something to do with this election while not keeping Trump to task, you will be.

If you speak up for God’s truth and against the wickedness of this world People will hate you. Trump will twitter you and he will call you all sorts of names. Many of your followers may curse you. But it is better to be cursed by many for following God than loved by many for staying silent in the face of evil.

Trump is not some anointed king sent by God to save America and to bring America back to Christ. We only have one anointed King and that is Jesus Christ. You said that he was elected by the hand of God. Maybe, maybe God put Trump in the White House so we can once and for all shine light on false Christianity.

You can help show an unbelieving world what God’s truth and justice looks like or you can just be another false prophet who sold his soul for political reasons.



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