Republicans Sing It’s Alright to Die: Genesis 18:26-33

The last two months have been hard for this progressive social justice evangelical Presbyterian Christian. Watching the transition between an Obama and a Trump presidency has been very hard to watch.

But even more frustrating and saddening are the “evangelical Christians” who still support him. I can kind of understand them voting for Trump because they hated Hillary. But now that he is president-elect, the adoration that they have for Trump is shocking. More so after who he has appointed to be part of his administration. Many people on Facebook say that Trump is an anoited one, a modern day Cyrus who will save us and lead us back to the promise land.

The stress has caused me to literally cry. I cried at the end of a Murdoch Mystery, I cry watching a sappy commercial,I cried when the Packers scored a touchdown and defeated Detroit. The last one is understandable.

This reminds me of a song from my childhood from a tv special Free To Be You And Me. The song is It’s Alright to Cry sung by Rosie Greer. I look at all the policies the Republicans want to pass. Most of them will lead to people dying. Lax gun control, gutting health care and denying climate change just to name three.

While debating stricter regulation when it comes to firearms, I ask what if it saves only 100 people from being killed wouldn’t it be worth it? They usually have no response.

In Genesis 18:26-33 Abraham pleads with an angel sent by God to not destroy the wicked city of Sodom if there were 50 righteuous people living there. Like a Bronze Age Columbo. He kept asking one more thing.  He asked about 45 people then 40,39,20 and then finally 10. The angel kept saying “I will not destroy it.

Those who will die from gun violence, preventable medical conditions, and the extreme weather events that will come with global climate change are innocent people. But the Republicans are willing to let these people die. So I thought of that song again and these lyrics come to mind. With apologizes to Rosie Greer who was a great football player and an even better minister, this is It’s Alright to Die
It’s All Right to Die : Free to Be You and Me

It’s all right to die
You dying keeps our taxes lower
It’s all right for you to die
It might make us a little richer
Gutting Medicare
You may get sick and die but we don’t care 8
Denying climate change
gonna make Exxon a little richer
We try not to feel things.
Because feelings would make us care
But money makes happy
We accept bribes and gifts from the rich
We like money like bears like honey
Buying and lying,while you are dying.
Give us cash and we will slash.
You know we’ll never change.
You should all know
That when money comes our feelings go
It’s all right to die
It might make is a little richer

{Jesus to me }
It’s all right to cry, my son
Just know I’m crying with you

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