Two weeks of Presidential insanity and “Christian” hypocrisy.

I haven’t written a blog in more than two weeks. I started this blog as an evangelical social justice based Christian to speak out about and against the atmosphere that lead to our new president. I also write as a plea to those of my brothers and sisters who have gone astray, hopefully to reach them and show them the harm they do to the faith I hold so dear.

I also write to show that those that the media call evangelicals are nothing of the sort. I write to show about the overwhelming love, justice, and power of God.

The last couple weeks, I haven’t been feeling it. So much has happened. An inaguration speech that had no hope or reconciliation in it. Reverend Graham speaking about how Trump’s presidency is blessed because it started with a little rain and comedian talk show hosts made Noah’s Arc jokes.

He had his first press statement the Next day. He let the media wait for more than an hour and when he came out what was the topic? Was it ISIS? Was it about some other international Crisis? Was it just to introduce himself as the press secretary? No, it was about the crowd size at Trump’s inaguration. His first press release was about Trump’s pride. When Trump’s pride is hurt he lies and attacks. The photograph evidence clearly showed that more people were at Obama’s. I don’t care who had the bigger audience. But that we have a president who is so obsessed with his image, I find that frightening to the core.

Then on Sunday we had Kelly Ann Conway ring alternative facts into the vernacular. Alternative facts are by their own definition lies. Do not bear false witness is the 9th commandment and Trump’s evangelical supporters are either silent or buying and spreading the lies.

We had a blanket ban on immigration and refugees that Spicer said wasn’t a ban even though Trump called it a ban in atweet. This prevented refugees who needed medical help from getting it. This ban turned away Iraqi interpreters who risked their lives to help our soldiers there. There is no mercy here.

We then had Steve “darkness is good” Bannon elevated to the National security counsel while the chief of staff was downgraded. Bannon who once asked why are we vetting refugees. His own words “Why even let ’em in?”. If Bannon was an advisor to the Pharoe, he would have sent Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to their deaths.

We had mass resignations from the state department. Or were they forced out?

We had a botched military engagemental in Yemen that cost the lives of a brave American soldier and an 8 year old girl. A mission that was botched from the start. A mission that if carried out by a Clinton administration, the GOP would blame her and create hearings to investigate her. But with Trump, these people are silent.

I agree that Frederick Douglas is a great guy. He is one of my heroes of my faith. I wish we had more people like him around.

And just this Thursday we had Trump insult Arnold Swatenegger  at the National Prayer Breakfast and asked that ” we pray for him to have better ratings”.

This makes a mockery of prayer. To an evangelical Christian, prayer is a sacred thing. To sully it with a prideful joke and for so called “evangelical leaders” either laugh or stay silent is an abomination.

And  in an interview with O’Riley. O’Riley asked about Russia and Putin and how journalists and dissidents have been killed and he said “we kill people too.” Of all the scary things Trump has said in these two weeks. This is the scariest.

The last two weeks were terrible. There are 208 weeks in 4 years. 206 left in Trump’s administration. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, general anxiety disorder, and depression. I like to say that I feel what everyone else does just multiply it by 10. We are an anxious nation. I barely made it through these two weeks.  I just pray that I can make it through The rest of Trump’s term.

You may have noticed that I do not call Trump president Trump. I am not one of those that say “he’s not my president.”. Donald J Trump is the elected 45th president of the United States no matter how he got there. He is my president. But I will not call him President Trump until he acts like one.

Please God, let it be soon.

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