500 in 50: An American Reformation

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. I see the world. I see our nation. I see the corruption and the hypocrisy and it is almost enough for me to say “screw it. I’m done”. My life would be much easier that way.

But I am a man of faith. The world hurts me because the world hurt Him. Jesus said in John 16:33 In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage–I have conquered the world. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like that. Did Martin Luther feel like that in 1517? Did Dietrich Bonhoeffer feel like that in 1945? Did Martin Luther King Jr. feel like that in 1968?

I don’t think they felt like that, but they knew that in the end Jesus wins and evil will be defeated. I hold to that tightly like a 7 year old holds a teddy bear on the first night at a sleepaway camp.

But when I don’t do anything this feeling of hopelessness grows. That is why I make my YouTube videos, that is why I write this blog, that is why I preach at my Capital and that is why I am doing this.

This Halloween will mark 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis on the door of the Wittenberg Church. 500 years ago there was a crisis in the church. The Roman Catholic Church cared more about money and worldly power than they did about saving souls and following Jesus and doing God’s work. 500 years later it is the same story different place.

The American Evangelical Church leadership is as corrupt now as the Roman Catholic Church was then. They sold out everything Jesus stood for to elect a leader who was everything Jesus was not. There is no mercy in Donald Trump. There is no justice. There is no humility nor love. It is all about ego and power. But the real evil in this story is not Trump but the religious leaders and lay people who voted for him knowing the type of man he was.Trump made no secret about that. I would say he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing but really where was the sheep’s clothing.

The worst part of this is that people like Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell Jr give a non believing world a false version of Christianity. A toxic one that doesn’t save but drives people away and kills.

That is why I am planning something big. I pray that we can pull it off. I know I only have nine days but with God’s help and many people of faith we can move mountains.

I am planning rallies for October 31st 2017. 500 years after the start of the reformation I want there to be rallies in every state capital. Christians like me. Christians who feel hopeless. Christians who feel like they have no voice. We have voices we just have to be willing to raise them.

Still working on the logistics. This will take a lot of work. I know that the depression and the anxiety will try to prevent me. It may try to prevent you. But this is important.

Let’s show the apostates who support politics of fear, greed, and hate that their time is over. It is our time now. It is God’s time now.

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