Does God listen to the religious right’s prayers after gun massacres?

Another mass shooting another round of right wing pastors and politicians talking about “thoughts and Prayers” and “it is too soon to do anything.” And this massacre is all the more painful because it occurred in a house of worship.

I am not going to talk much about the gunman here, his motives, the fact that he was a domestic abuser kicked out of the military and shouldn’t have had access to a gun that most people shouldn’t have access to. An A-15 semi-automatic. A gun made to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time and a weapon that is putting millions and millions in the pockets of the gun manufacturing lobby.

But again, to the prayers. We should pray for the victims. We should pray for those who lost loved ones. We should even pray for the family of the shooter. I am a Christian and I believe in prayer and I have no doubt that the victims are in a better place, a place that I wish I was in right now.

But back to the Ted Cruzes, the Hans Fienes, and all the politicians and pastors who speak of thoughts and prayers and talk about how we are a Christian nation and condemn the wickedness of this world. Back to their prayers. I know this will be controversial but I don’t believe that God listens to their prayers and I have scripture as proof.

Isaiah 1:15

When you spread out your hands in prayer, I hide my eyes from you; even when you offer many prayers, I am not listening. Your hands are full of blood.

Just like ancient Israel. We are a wicked nation. We are a nation where our leaders are bribed by the National Rifle organization. An organization that used to be responsible until the extremists and the gun manufacturing lobby took over in 1977.

HOW MANY MORE. HOW MANY MORE MASSACRES. How many more children have to be sacrificed on the alter of the NRA.

Many children were killed, total families destroyed. Could a semi-automatic ban have prevented this, maybe. Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean we should do nothing .

Even if a ban would just save 50 people it would be worth it. 50 mothers, fathers, children, wives, husbands, etc that would not have to go through the agony of never being able to see their loved ones again.

We are Christians. We are commanded to love God with all our heart, soul and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves Matthew 22:36-40

How can we do this while we put a weapon above both God and the lives of our neighbor? And why do we do this? Out of some nebulous thing called freedom? We are a nation that is a slave to the NRA. We have no freedom but with Jesus. And He said “those who raise the sword shall die by the sword.”

The orphans and the widows of gun violence are crying out for a solution or at least for our leaders to do something instead of quoting the party line. Yet all we hear is “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families”

Empty words without action. Your prayers are worse than saying nothing. Because you bring God info your hypocrisy. Your pockets are full of NRA bribes and your hands are full of blood, just like Isaiah said.

No other Christians in the world have a love affair with guns. Only in America this idolatry reigns. It sickens me. You may ask who is Hans Fiene? He is a pastor and writer for the Federalist who wrote an article about God and the shooting and how prayers are answered.

My next blog will be taking his article apart.

It is not easy to be a Christian. We have atheists who attack us as heartless hypocrites and we have heartless hypocrites who prove them right. Thankfully we have true Christians who speak up against those who take bribes and search after gifts.

If I was alone I would beg Jesus to take me now, but no, there is work to do. We must speak up for those who can not because they were killed.

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