James Bond: Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Born? #5 Weirdest Christmas TV show or movie

This has been a hard year. A hard year for our nation, a hard year for my sanity and a bad year for my faith. So I have decided to have a little fun at this year. In 2017 I wrote a series of blogs about Christmas songs.


So I have decided for fun and to get discipline as a blogger that I am going to write 25 Christmas blogs. These blogs will cover Christmas movies, tv episodes, tv specials and other Christmas multimedia. I will write about the 5 weirdest Christmas movies or tv shows. I will write about my top 10 Christmas tv episodes, TV movies, or TV Specials. I will then write about my top 10 Christmas movies. But first the weird.

There is debate about what constitutes a Christmas Movie. Everyone agrees that White Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and It’s A Wonderful Life are Christmas movies. But what about Die Hard?

I think Die Hard is a movie that is set on Christmas and it does have a man trying to get home to be with his family and it deals with a Christmas party that has gotten out of hand. But for me It just does not have that Christmas magic

Telly Savalas’s Ernst Stravo Blofeld decorating a Christmas tree in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Yes the presents he will give the girls at his “allergy” clinic are gifts that will bring the world to it’s knees

Now if Die Hard is a Christmas movie. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Should be as well. A good portion of the film takes place around Christmas in the alps. There is a Christmas tree, Christmas presents and a Christmas song.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is one of my favorite James Bond Films. It has a decent plot, a great henchwoman in Irma Bunt, Lazenby is an underrated bond, and it has the strongest Bond Girl to date. Countess Teresa Di Vincenzo, a woman who gave Bond a run for his money. It also had one of the saddest endings of a James Bond film. I know it is over 50 years old but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.

When you think of Bond Themes. You think of Goldfinger sung by Shirley Bassey, Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and the Wings, Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon, or Skyfall by Adele. But does anyone think of this Bond theme?


Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown Music by the great John Barry, Lyrics by Hal David and sung by Nina. Every time I hear this song I am taken out of the movie. It feels like it doesn’t belong here and the lyrics are kind of insipid.

Do you know how Christmas tree are grown?
They need sunshine.
Sunshine can’t grow Christmas trees alone;
They need raindrops.
Raindrops can’t grow Christmas trees,
here’s the reason why;
In the winter rain will freeze,
and the trees will die.
Do you know how Christmas tree are grown?
They need sunshine and raindrops,
friendship and kindness
and most of all they need love.

OHMSS is still one of my top 5 James Bond movies. The others are From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Living Daylights, and Skyfall. So if you are in a Bond, James Bond mood this Christmas watch this movie. Just be prepared for the weirdest Christmas song in a motion picture.

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