The Simpsons Worst Christmas Episode ever #4 weirdest Christmas tv episode ever

These 5 are a mix of movies, tv episodes. And specials. Not quite horrible or mediocre just plain strange. The Simpsons have had some good Christmas episodes. One or two will be in my top 10 list. The first episode of the Simpsons was a Christmas episode “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. You had Bart getting busted for shoplifting, you had the satire of commercialism with the Furbies I mean funzos , and the Grinch rip-off the Grumple.

The ultra violent Simpson’s Grinch knockoff, the Grumple.

But the most bizarre Simpson’s Christmas episode is season’s 22 A Fright Before Christmas. It starts with Lisa Simpson at her most annoying, angry that a tree was “cut down and tarted up like a dime a dance floozy”.

It is basically the Treehouse of Horror format but just for Christmas. The first segment is an ok Polar Express rip-off with a cheap pot joke. Bart takes the Toking train to the North Pole and climbs up the corporate ladder to become Vice President of the North Pole and finds out that Santa played by Krusty the Clown is in dire financial straits but really is so rich that he has dancers and can light cigars with $100 bills. It is unfunny but not bizarre yet.

The second segment is set during WW2. Marge is facing combat and Homer Simpson is Homer the Riveter. And Lisa is sad because the last time she got a Christmas tree, Marge shipped out. This could have been a great story about hope having the Simpsons set during World War 2 but then it turns into a shameless Inglorious Bastards parody with Disney’s Dumbo working for Nazis for some reason and Marge exterminates both Nazi Dumbo and Hitler with extreme prejudice. This segment was bad and strange but not quite bizarre.

I am surprised that they still have this episode on Disney+

The less said about the third segment with Martha Stewart the better. It is a mean spirited and forgettable piece of tripe unworthy of the Simpsons.

The final segment is what takes this episode from the bad to the strange to the bizarre and grotesque is the Muppet parody. Little Maggie Simpson is dreaming about the “Fluppet Christmas Special” The Simpsons just don’t look good in felt. They somehow felt that adding a laugh track would help. It did not. The only somewhat funny thing about this segment is Grandpa and Jasper as Statler and Waldorf.

And it just gets worse. Jerk Ass Homer steals Flanders’ tree and Ned’s hand with it. And then Katy Perry arrives wearing a tacky dress that looks like it was made of plastic with the Simpsons faces on it. She is dating Moe the bartender. Katy Perry hugs Puppet Mr. Burns and of course he says the line “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

And then they ended with Mr. Burns leading them in the 39 days of Christmas. Fifteen Jacks a Ripping? And it ends with Moe kissing what he thinks is Katy Perry’s belly button She says “That’s not my belly button” Moe stops kissing and Katy Perry says “ I didn’t tell you to stop”


In the words of Comicbook Man , “Worst Christmas episode ever.”


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