A letter from a man about to lose his faith.

8 years ago I became a Christian. 8 years ago I was born again. 8 years. This past week. 2008 was the year of Sarah Palin. It was a turmoltuous election. It  was full of hypocritical Christians supporting unchristian things. I began to hate Christianity. I sent this letter to many televangelists and the Saddleback church contacted me back and I was lead to Christ Presbyterian Church and I found out what Christianity really was. This is the letter

First off I want to say. I consider myself a follower of Jesus. I love him and I love god with all my heart but my faith waivers in Christianity. I am sending these e-mails in a hope to spar a dialogue

The last 8 years have shaken me to its core. My Favorite book of the Bible is Matthew and I am reminded of Matthew 7,26 But everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand and of course all of Matthew 5

Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a pin than a rich man entering heaven. John McCain, George Bush and the GOP are the party of the rich. There policies show that they don’t care about the poor and the meek, the people that Jesus told us to protect. People are dying thought the world and poor people are suffering here in America and Bush/McCain’s policies dictate that the poor don’t get adequate health care and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

If the bible is the true word of god and I believe that the gospels are, how can you endorse John McCain and Sara Palin, yes they are pro-life. I hate abortion as well but that can’t be the single issue. Jesus told us at the Sermon on the Mount how to behave and the republicans have not I mean blessed are the poor because they are rich in spirit, blessed are the peacemakers. Afghanistan was a just war. Iraq was not, we were lied to. John McCain is not a peacemaker; we need a peacemaker not a warmonger.

I love god. My Jesus is the Jesus of Matthew and Mark. A Jesus of unity, the Jesus who tossed the moneychangers from the temple, Unfortunately now, the moneychangers aren’t just in the temple, they are running the country with the Pharisees help. Jesus and god hate hypocrisy.

I want to thank you, especially if you read this whole letter, because I love god and I love Jesus. He didn’t just die for my and everyone’s sins. He lived to teach us how to treat each other with love and dignity, and to take care of the less fortunate among us. The republican administration of the last 8 years while pro-life in an anti-abortion only stance was anti-poor, anti-peace, and anti-mercy.

I am reminded of a phrase I heard somewhere

And Jesus Wept, I am not saying I know what god and Jesus want, I am only speaking from what I read in the bible. As I am sure you are. But please read the Sermon on the Mount again and maybe you might agree with some of my points.

I was thinking about giving up on Christianity. Even though I love Jesus and god. There is a toxic cancer growing in Christianity. Hypocrisy and greed and hatred and judgment run wild. But no I will not give up. In fact I will go the other direction. I will strengthen my faith by trying to point out the true message of Jesus, The Jesus of the Gospels.

Thank you again for reading this


There are many more Maxes out there. This election makes 2008 look like 1956. We have Christians supporting a man who is Christ inverted. How many people of weak faith see this election and are on the cusp of losing faith. This is why I write this blog.

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